The process of learning to create shop drawings for fabrication has really been made over complicated, when it actually isn’t. Drafting schools make you revert back to first grade to learn how to draw an oval, square, and circle. In my mind, spending a great deal of time making you review what you already know is silly. Understanding basic shapes is something we all usually should have mastered by the third grade and if we haven’t by then, something is wrong with our educational system.

We will be using the free CAD program DraftSight to teach you how to draw not only the full body of a subject, but also how to break it down to a parts drawing that a shop can fabricate from. Don’t worry if you already use another CAD program, the course is set up so that most all logical CAD commands can be used..

In other words yes, there are very complex mechanisms that have to be drawn, but the drawings themselves really shouldn’t be complicated. Otherwise complication added to complication equals over complicated. We have taken the over-complication out of the equation. I hope you choose to take our course.

Mechanical Drafting Lessons

  • Lesson One – Beginning
  • Lesson Two – Drawing Area
  • Lesson Three – The Sketch
  • Lesson Four – Drawing The Basics
  • Lesson Five – Text
  • Lesson Six – Projections
  • Lesson Seven – Arranging the Sheet
  • Lesson Eight – The Drawer
  • Lesson Nine – Dimensioning
  • Lesson Ten – The Parts Drawing
  • Lesson Eleven – Parts Continued
  • Lesson Twelve – Drawing Notes