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Mechanical Drawings

Mechanical Drawing is used to convey precise information from one person to another so that a pattern maker will have a true drawing of an object, giving correct dimensions and instructions before he can make a pattern, from this, the foundry man can make a rough casting. The machinist must have a drawing from which… Read More »

Learning Drafting

The fact that you are reading this article tells me you are interested in learning to be a drafter. I don’t blame you. When I was young I used to get in trouble all the time because I was drawing pictures. Not that I didn’t pay attention in school because my grades were never really… Read More »

Mechanical and Machine Sketching

A drafter (draftsman) is required in most cases to draw from rough freehand sketches, made by themselves or by someone else either from an actual object or an imaginary one. For instance, suppose that a machine is in operation somewhere and the drawings never existed or were lost. For the purpose of rebuilding or regularly… Read More »

The Nature and Uses of Mechanical Drafting

The term mechanical drafting, or also known as mechanical drawing, is the art of making conventional pictures representing something that has to be constructed that is used by engineers, architects, and inventors to work out and recording the details of their constructive designs, and the way which ideas of the exact form or shape, dimension,… Read More »

Woodworking Plans

Searching around the internet you can come up with plenty of woodworking plans like tables, desks, birdhouses, bookshelves, dog houses, doll houses, etc. So how do you know if it is a good plan? Well, no matter the type of drawing, a good, usable drawing has a few things that you should look for: 1.… Read More »

Understanding Mechanical Drawings

A mechanical drawing is defined as a scaled illustration of a subject machine or mechanical part, or construction drawing of a fixture, product, or furnishing. It is a precision drawing, produced with the help of instruments, such as compasses, triangles, T-squares, etc., on a drafting board, or entirely in a Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) program.… Read More »