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Machine Sketching

The first purpose of a drawing is to give a clear idea of the shape of the pieces wanted with it’s dimensions. While a well executed drawing with smooth lines and nice shading makes a pretty picture, it may not be nearly as useful as a rough sketch that has every dimension correct. The sketch… Read More »

Understanding Mechanical Drawings

STUDY OF A BENCH GRINDER When reading a set of drawings that has an assembly and details, it’s best to begin by a study of the assembly drawing first. Doing this gives you an idea of the whole machine or whatever the object is, so that the details are better understood. You should start the… Read More »

Detail Drawings

A detail drawing shows each part of the machine separately. The parts are fully dimensioned and enough views are drawn so that the machinist can make the piece without any other instructions. If necessary, notes are added to the drawing to make the construction clear. The details are sometimes drawn in the logical order that… Read More »

Classifications of Cams

Cams in general, are divided into two classes: uniform motion cams and uniformly accelerated motion cams. The uniform motion cam moves the follower at the same rate of speed from the beginning to the end of the stroke; but as the movement is started from zero to the full speed of the uniform motion and… Read More »