A Mechanical Drawing

By | June 27, 2016

Every drawing executed by means of a CAD program or drafting board can be considered a mechanical drawing, this term is usually restricted to drawings representing machines, machine parts, and objects used in the mechanic arts. A mechanical drawing is the method that a machine or mechanical device is graphically shown by outlines, sections, and projections.

The object of the mechanical drawing may be to present the inventor’s idea for patent purposes, to convey to the prospective purchaser the appearance and dimensions of a machine or part, or, more commonly, to transmit the designer’s idea to the machinist who constructs and assembles the different parts to a complete the whole part of fixture.

The mechanical drawings serve another important purpose; that of giving a definite and visible form to the designer’s idea in order to assure him that the different parts will properly fit together and perform their intended functions.

2 thoughts on “A Mechanical Drawing

  1. Scotty

    Good explanation of a mechanical drawing. I always though that mechanical meant some kind of mechanism.

    1. Timothy Post author

      In a way yes, but it means the way to create the drawing and not necessarily the object itself.


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